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After the war nothing was the same. It's always night out there, and only dust to keep us company. 

People started fighting each other for resources and used the remaining energy to build combat Tanks.
Now, they fight for the others energy so they can stay alive.
Some say they do this just to survive, but I think they just do it for the warmth of the battle.
    -Anna (one of the survivors)



*WASD -> Move
*Mouse -> Rotates Cannon and Shoots


*Your energy is dropping each second and you lose a lot more when you shoot or get hit by another tanks, so move and shoot fast to never let you energy drop to zero.



Programmer: Cauê Chaves Vicente (@saiony)
Programmer: Ghazi Tounsi (@ghazixx)

3D Artist: ethan karnopp (@ekarnopp)
3D Artist: René Borger (Cody1712)

Music: Jeff Nichter (@jtn191)
Sound Design: Amanda J. Lim (@alimcomposer)


Energy Tanks.rar 21 MB


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